A week ago I was driving to a small car show a few miles away when I adjusted my shoulder belt as I was driving. I gave the belt a quick tug and noticed that it didn’t stop. So I gave it a faster tug and still it kept coming with no lock coming from the retractor. I reached over and pulled the passenger belt and again, no lock. This whole time I hadn’t thought to question the belts and their effectiveness. But now it seems that they aren’t much more than loose belts.

Because this is a safety issue, especially when my son is with me I stopped driving the car and ordered replacement belts. They came in along with some door sill plaques that I remember having on old 83 Mustang.

I was a bit annoyed because I had the car disassembled months ago and it would have been super easy to replace the belts then but nope, I had to pull the rear interior panels to expose the retractors and while it wasn’t too bad, still I wish I would have done this then.

I also checked the rear seat belts and they seemed to lock just fine. So now, I feel a bit safer knowing that the new belts are installed.

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