Exterior Assembly Complete

I picked up my car from Mario’s Auto Works after they cut and buffed the paint. What a difference. The paint is super smooth with a mirror like finish. I am so impressed by the paint job that I almost wish I went with a different color but in the end the color I chose was just what I was looking for. I am so glad that I was able to send my car to these guys. They are true pros at what they do and I am proud to say they are part of my extended family. All that is left to do is to reassemble the interior. I successfully reused the old headliner that came out and although it isn’t perfect, it looks way better than it was and I wasn’t even sure I was going to replace it.

Here are some pics of the car but be warned there are a lot of smudge marks and hand prints from the assembly.

Reassembly continues

Continued with partial reassembly after paint. Here’s what I’ve tackled:

  • New door and hatch weatherstrip
  • New Door handles
  • Reinstalled lights including new LX tailllights
  • Reinstalled my regular wheels
  • Installed insulation on the roof
  • Installed grill
  • Installed mirrors
  • Installed door window belt weatherstrip
  • Dynamatted the front doors, cleaned and reinstalled the door panels
  • Installed Pioneer speakers in the doors.

Images of said work:

Medusa is back from paint!

After a few weeks at Mario’s Auto Works, the car has been picked up. I have to say that the color is exactly what I wanted. For the most part it looks black until the sun or the light hits it.

The color is Ford’s DI Dark Ink Blue Metallic,┬áDI, M7187A. The color is for a Flex of an Edge from 2008 or 2010.

Now it’s time to reassemble the car to the a degree before sending her back to the paint shop to be cut and buffed. Here are some initial pics of the car when I picked it up and some early work on the reassembly.

Car is off to paint shop!

I finally bit the bullet and decided that now was the time to send the old girl to the paint shop. It’s been a few years now and there isn’t much more I need to do to the car. I mean of course, the engine would benefit a rebuild but I am not going to cross that bridge until we get there. After all this has been a hobby for me, my family and my friends and I have had a lot of fun.

After speaking with the paint shop, we agreed that if I prepped the car in terms of disassembly as far as I could, that would be helpful and would get me more for my money. That being said I dug in and began removing many of the trim parts and items that I could. The tow truck came and picked her up and sent her on her way. Mario’s Auto Works in Montclair will be handling the respray and I am super excited about it.