Mustang project comes to an end.

I sold the Mustang over the weekend. After a lot of thought I felt it was the right thing to do. After all, the project was a success in that it gave me an outlet for me to place my creativity, hands and even meet some new people along the way. I love the way it turned out and I can say that this was the most I had ever done to a car. This may be the last post which is fitting because the first post was when I bought the car 5 years ago. My son was 2. He is now 7. Thanks to my pops for the help, my boy T for the support and my wife for letting me go off for hours and wrench away.

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Some Recent Photos of Mustang

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New Radio

Driving the car early on Sunday, you realize that radio stations are filling that time with talk, commercial advertisement and community outreach programming. All good except that I wanted to listen to music. So  I caved and purchased a new head unit from Alpine. It is a media player only meaning that there is no cd mechanism. It connects via Bluetooth and USB cables. I ordered from Crutchfield and as always am very happy with the speed in shipping and accompanying parts. Wiring harnesses and the ugly bezel was included. Call quality remains to be seen as the last call I received was a garbled mess, but the songs were coming through just fine. This radio also benefits from Alpine’s Tuneit App.

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New Clutch Quadrant – Maximum Motorsports

As stated earlier. When I depressed the clutch I would hear what appeared to be the cable stretching and moaning. And due to the age of the car, I figured that in order to keep my piece of mind, I would replace the clutch cable. But since the quadrant was the stock one and is plastic, well that just wouldn’t do. I replaced the cable, quadrant and added a firewall adjuster from Maximum Motorsports. All in all, the install wasn’t too bad but there were some issues that needed additional time. After all, the adjustment went well and so far the clutch is grabbing well. And that stretching sound. Yep, still there. I think my throwout bearing and clutch fork are way overdue in terms of lubrication. It’ll have to stay together until the clutch wears.

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A week ago I was driving to a small car show a few miles away when I adjusted my shoulder belt as I was driving. I gave the belt a quick tug and noticed that it didn’t stop. So I gave it a faster tug and still it kept coming with no lock coming from the retractor. I reached over and pulled the passenger belt and again, no lock. This whole time I hadn’t thought to question the belts and their effectiveness. But now it seems that they aren’t much more than loose belts.

Because this is a safety issue, especially when my son is with me I stopped driving the car and ordered replacement belts. They came in along with some door sill plaques that I remember having on old 83 Mustang.

I was a bit annoyed because I had the car disassembled months ago and it would have been super easy to replace the belts then but nope, I had to pull the rear interior panels to expose the retractors and while it wasn’t too bad, still I wish I would have done this then.

I also checked the rear seat belts and they seemed to lock just fine. So now, I feel a bit safer knowing that the new belts are installed.

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Heater Core Hell

I had suspicions that my core was going bad but nothing that was too regular to pull the trigger on replacing it. Well, shortly after driving the car to work, a co-worker asked if that was my car leaking. Sure it was. Coolant from the drainage hole under the AC unit. Also, that same day and on a few occasions my windshield would fog up just a little. Well after the drainage hole wouldn’t dry I figured that I would have to face the core sooner or later. Or I could just bypass the problem and wait until I needed heat. But as I take pride in my car’s condition, I figured f’ it. Just do it. Well, after working on this for the past 10 days, an hour here an hour there and a whole weekend, I tackled it. I don’t ever want to do this again. I also added the flow restrictor to the heater hose as it didn’t have that when I replaced those hoses.

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Oh no.

Heater Core. I need a beer.

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