About This Blog

The blog was created to document the progress (albeit slow) of work on a project car, a 1989 Mustang GT. While I am writing this in a more general terms, my intentions are simply to create a digital log for myself and to share with friends and family. If you have found this blog through other means, welcome.

This Mustang is my third. My first was a 1983 Mustang GT 5.0, 5 speed that my dad bought me while I was in high school. That car was a salvage title with a melted engine compartment from a fire. My dad and his amazing ability to revive engines brought it back to life. Unfortunately, I had to sell it but not before installing a 1990 body kit and a fresh repaint.

My second Mustang was a 2006 Mustang GT, Tungsten Gray. It was a very nice car. I had originally gone to the dealer to see another used black Mustang and found it to be too modified, too used. The gray ‘Stang was right next to it. The salesman had to jump start the car. It was very clean but the color was previously rejected by my girlfriend (now wife) at the time. But in person she said it looked good so we agreed to test drive it. I asked to see the carfax, the car had 6000 miles on it and check this out, the build date was my birthday. I bought it right there.

Then, life happened. Marriage, spirited step daughter (super daughter) and the arrival of my son. Couldn’t bear the thought of tooling around in my nice mustang with my baby son in the back while other custom rides were tossing competitive looks my way. I felt it was unsafe. I traded it in and bought a Nissan Xterra, a decision that evolved into a lemon law buyback and dealer nightmare. I teared up when I left the Mustang knew that I was doing the right thing. The Xterror was eventually replaced by a new Ford Edge, a car which I have reluctantly driven and have slowly come to appreciate.

I picked this new old car up with the idea of simply keeping all the mechanicals stock and painting and updating the exterior. After searching for over a month, I had looked into over a hundred used Mustangs, most with modifications that would render a Smog tech unhappy. This car shined past those other ones, though its paint was faded and peeling. So I dedicate this project to my family and look forward to some fun, busted knuckles and cool revs.

1989 Ford Mustang GT

This was from the day I bought it.


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