Bumps in the road

After completing the reassembly of the car, I drove it down to my parent’s home and picked up my son from school. I noticed a sound that I was instantly dreading. There was a knocking that happened as the engine ran. At first I thought it might be my catalytic converters but thought that can’t be since they are relatively new. Then I thought, ope!, I think my engine is a goner. Then, I realized it was more of a rattle so I went under and could hear vibrations when I banged on the cats with my fist. Oh God. The cats.

After some investigating I came to the conclusion that indeed my cats may be bad. After calling Magnaflow and asking for warranty information, they told me to contact a dealer and buy a new system and send the old one back and if they find that it was defective they would credit me. This was after I had asked if I could take my car down to them to inspect. They declined. So, the going rate right now is nearly $1000 for a new cat system. I went up to Speedway Muffler in Upland. After talking to one of the guys, he said that it may take a while to get the warranty going with Magnaflow and in the end, 99% of the time, they say it is the consumer’s car’s fault. Now I know that they are in business, so I just figured, I should just fix it and be done with it. So they removed the rear cats and indeed they were shot.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how this happened as I don’t remember hitting any debris or speed bumps that might have damaged the units. One of the units had a broken brick and the other brick had detached from the housing.

The shop replaced them with new Magnaflow cats and at this point, we’ll see how long they last. I feel rather blah about it since I had a feeling that Magnaflow would not replace the set easily and I figured that I’d be screwed.

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2 Responses to Bumps in the road

  1. Dave says:

    I stumbled upon your blog, looking for information regarding the same magnaflow catalytic converter setup with four cats. Awesome read and ride! It’s definitely come long way. I’m still not sure about that magnaflow setup, I’ve heard and read that they don’t last long and the stuff inside the cats isn’t durable. I have a stock cat pipe, but it’s very old and who knows if it’ll pass smog with it. I’m also in socal, so having cats is a must. What’s your experience and advice on the magnaflow setup. Thanks for your time.


    • dragonilia says:

      Thanks for your comment. At the time I purchased the Magnaflow kit, the price wasn’t as high as it is now. If I had to do it again, I’d get a quote to simply weld in new cats on my stock h pipe. As for your car, do the regular maintenance and see if it passes. You never know.

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