Thinking about this color

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.11.08 AM

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2 Responses to Thinking about this color

  1. Fred Montejo says:

    I think you should paint the 5.0 it’s original color. Here’s why. The interior color might clash and your 10th anniversary wheels really look right with the color combination now! I have a black Foxbody and its a pain to keep clean. The color combination you have right now is something you don’t see much on Foxbody’s these days.

  2. dragonilia says:

    Thanks for the comment. When I bought the car I had already wanted to paint it black like my old one I had in high school. But since it is going to get painted, i figure why not give it some pop with a metallic. So it will actually be dark blue instead of black.

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