Rear Control Arms

A few things have been worked on since my last post. I have looked into the never ending slop in the front steering and found that the steering wheel nut had loosened up a bit and was creating a bit of play. I took it apart and re-tightened it. But there is still more play than I’d like. More to come I’m sure.

Also there had been a noise emanating from the rear right wheel when I applied the brakes. Finally with the help of my pops, I figured that some of the parking brake mechanism was coming into contact with the brake shoe causing the noise and also a pulsating pedal. I fixed it.

When I was looking at that brake issue, I stuck a crowbar in between the control arm and the chassis to see how bad if at all the bushings were since I never changed them when I installed the rear shocks and springs. Well, it seemed that when I pried the bushings there was a lot of slop though not much visible damage. I decided there would be no point in replacing the other components and not the bushings. So I ordered some rear control arms and axle mounted bushings.

It took some time and muscle but again with the help of my dad, I changed the arms. The drive home was noticeably better though I think I need to drive it some more.

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One Response to Rear Control Arms

  1. saintmodelwerks says:

    lots of hard work I see..

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