Engine running good, dare I say.

Some news on the car and a new blog I came across. First, I have gone back to get the alignment done. And this time the steering wheel is a little off and it pulls ever so slightly to the right. BUT, the play appears to be gone and I had the rear wheels re-balanced and now the car drives much better. So I am calling the steering issues once again resolved. Until I buy the caster/camber plates and have it realigned at the next tire purchase which should be a few years.


Since I had worked on the intake a while ago, I found that the idle was a lot more erratic which led me to try and clean up the throttle body, replace the IAC and replace the BAP sensor. I had yet to check the TPS voltage which I had heard about in the forums so I finally had time to do so. The voltage when I checked it as at .74 volts and I adjusted it to .97 volts. Again, the car seems to be back to full power and I have even turned on the air conditioning without the car dying. But I’ll wait ’till summer to call that a win.

Seat Belt/Warning Chime

Following some instructions I had found online, I went ahead and removed the chime unit and found that the foam layer had disintegrated. I followed the steps to add hot glue and returned the unit back under the dash. To my amazement, it worked and now I once again am annoyed by the bell chime!

Door Spring

I recently saw a video on one of the Mustang parts sites that covered the door spring. I didn’t realize that my driver side had recently broken. I will be replacing this soon.


While my intention was to have the car painted by a shop who is related to my wife, I don’t think that I will have the budget for that.They are well known for their Lowrider paint jobs and it would be great to have them paint it, but alas, maybe next time or for the second paint job if I keep the car for a long time.  I am considering lower budget jobs at the moment. In the meantime, I am looking at getting the 93 Cobra style grill insert and hood vents from the newer Mustangs. I have to see if the vents will be able to work on the fox hood without too much trouble.

Another Mustang Blog

While researching the hood issue, I came across another blog where the owner is restoring an 88 Mustang LX. Here is the link! I am in awe at the work he is doing and his ability. I really need to learn how to weld and to paint a car. Those things are a real weakness as I am pretty sure that my 89 will not be my last car to work on. I am actually really liking the 66-67 Ford Fairlane and even the Galaxie but the latter is pretty long.


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