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Having tackled the valve cover gaskets earlier this year, I found that the car was running differently. No longer was the idle as clean as it was and in fact if feels as if the car has lost power. I decided to look into it.

I read about possible causes on a rough idle on I basically went through the checklist and have done the following:

  1. Cleaned salt and pepper connections at the rear of the intake plenum
  2. checked air filter
  3. checked voltage from alternator
  4. MAF sensor was previously cleaned
  5. replaced IAC valve

Still, the car didn’t run as it should so I decided to pull the codes from the car’s computer. I believe I retreived a 22 code which would indicate something’s amiss on the Barometric Air Pressure sensor. So I replaced it and without driving the car, it looks like it ran better but when I pullled the codes again, the 22 reappears. Not sure if it is a stored code or simply a problem with that circuit.

Since I was already working on the car, I decided to remove the throttle body and clean it since it does have advanced mileage. Ended it having quite a bit of carbon buildup on the throttle body and especially in the EGR spacer. I cleaned these items and have replaced the gaskets.

Still to do: I have to check the output on the TPS to make sure it’s within acceptable range and test drive the car. More to come.

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