Steering Issues Revisited

Along with the idle issue, I was also not happy with the ongoing sloppiness that is felt in the steering. After all, I had replaced the rack and pinion with a reman unit, replaced the outer tie rods, replaced shocks and springs and had the car aligned not to mention new tires and wheels. Well, the last thing that I had not checked was the steering shaft itself and the rag joint. I had tried to see if there was any play in the shaft while in the car and I figured I’d just take it off and inspect it on the bench. Well, much to my surprise I found that the driver side inner tie rod end (which was part of the rack and pinion unit) was extremely loose. I wish it wasn’t that bad but in fact this might be what was plaguing the steering. So I have ordered a new reman unit from a different vendor and hoping that it proves to be a better buy than this reman crap from Pep Boys. I’ll forgo telling the story about ordering a “brand new” unit only to have received a rack that looked lovely but would not fit my car.

So now, I am waiting for the new reman unit and have removed the old new reman unit. I’ll have to re-align the car again which essentially means i am paying double for the same work on the car. What else can I do?

More to come once I install the other unit. I have to still work on the idle with the TPS and see how it’s running after that. I hope it is running well because damn.

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