1989 Mustang Radio Light

So it’s been a while since much work has been done. The car has been running pretty well but there are still a few issues I’d like to iron out before I once again say i’m done.

  1. There is still play in the steering gear. I’ll be taking off the steering shaft to see if there is wear on the shaft.
  2. Subframe connectors are still on my list….but don’t know when I’ll get to it.
  3. My idle is bad when the A/C is on. I’m hoping it’s just a bad IAC valve. If not then it may be the compressor or even the idle settings though I don’t want to mess with those

I thought I had to replace the radio since the light was out but I found a repair kit on Ebay so I bought it and it came with instructions to replace the bulb. So I did it. Cost about $16 in parts and the tools for the radio removal.

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